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uPVC windows Wolverhampton

Long Lasting, Hard Wearing Signature 2 uPVC Windows

Our uPVC Double Glazed Windows Wolverhampton, seamlessly merge durability and elegant design, boosting your home’s energy efficiency and substantially reducing energy costs through superior insulation. Additionally, they offer excellent noise reduction, ensuring a quieter, more serene living environment.


Style and Assurance in Every Frame

Signature 2 uPVC Double glazed windows: An elegant and reliable combination

Our exquisite collection of double glazed uPVC windows near Wolverhampton is designed for longevity and to enhance any home aesthetic. Offering an extensive 20-year guarantee, we provide the assurance you need for such a significant home improvement choice. Each window is fully steel reinforced, backed by a 20-year warranty, ensuring durability and peace of mind. Regardless of the uPVC window style you desire, we can craft a solution tailored to your specific requirements, delivering a superior finish to your home.

Built to Endure

Our Signature 2 uPVC windows near Wolverhampton are not just about looks; they are engineered for longevity. Fully steel-reinforced frames ensure robustness and durability, standing up to the test of time and elements. With these windows, expect a combination of strength and elegance that lasts for years.

Tailored for Your Home

Whatever your style preference or architectural requirement, our range of uPVC windows can be customised to suit your needs. From classic to contemporary designs, each window is crafted to provide an exceptional finish, enhancing the overall look and feel of your home.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

We understand the importance of trust and reliability in home improvements. That's why our uPVC double glazed windows come with an extensive 20-year warranty. This guarantee reflects our confidence in the quality and longevity of our products, offering you complete peace of mind.

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The Advantages of our uPVC Windows Wolverhampton

Choosing UPVC windows from Wombourne Windows offers:

  • Enhanced Thermal Insulation: Our UPVC windows are designed to keep your home cozy throughout the year while helping you cut down on heating and cooling expenses.

  • Weather Resilience: Built to endure harsh weather, our UPVC windows remain robust and beautiful, no matter the climate.

  • Noise Reduction: Our windows effectively minimise external noise, creating a tranquil living space for you and your family.

  • Diverse Design Choices: With a broad selection of colors and finishes, you can find the perfect match to complement your home’s decor.

  • Ease of Care: Maintain the pristine appearance of your windows effortlessly, needing only a quick clean with a damp cloth.

Experience the combination of durability, efficiency, and elegance with UPVC windows near Wolverhampton from Wombourne Windows.

Personalised Elegance for Every Home

Exquisite Style For Your Home

Wombourne Windows offer a wide range of style and colours across our range of uPVC Windows near Wolverhampton to ensure we have something that will fit both the individual style of the customer and the character of their home. All of our customers get the chance to sit down and discuss with our team of experts their requirements and desires to ensure they are getting a product and solution that is perfect for you and your home. 

uPVC WIndow Wolverhampton
uPVC WIndow Wolverhampton

Confidence in Every Installation

Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

All of our uPVC Windows are manufactured to the highest possible standards, giving you a product that is built to stand the test of time. To give our customers an extra guaranteed peace of mind  our installations come with a 20 year insurance backed guarantee so you will not need to worry about any issues that you could potentially face with your windows. 

Our range of upvc double glazed windows come with a minimum A +14 energy rating. With fully steel reinforced frames and a 20-year warranty, you can be sure you are getting a superior product. 

A Family-Run Business with a Personal Touch

At Wombourne Windows Shrewsbury, we’re not just a provider of high-quality windows; we’re a family-run business deeply rooted in our community, dedicated to forging lasting relationships with our customers. Our commitment to personal service and our status as a FENSA registered company is what sets us apart, ensuring compliance with the latest building regulations and upholding the highest standards of professionalism and work quality.

We recognise that every home is unique which is why we offer custom finishes for uPVC windows in shrewsbury. On top of this we understand that budget are different which is why we provide flexible finance options to make upgrading your home accessible without sacrificing quality or financial well-being.

Reach out today to learn how we can improve your home and offer the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your needs to experienced hands.

House With WIndows Shrewsbury

Our Other Window Services at Wombourne Windows

At Wombourne Windows, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke window solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers in Wolverhampton and beyond. With decades of experience we have evolved to offer a comprehensive range of window services and products. Here’s an overview of the specialised window types we offer:

  • Woodhoure Flush Casement Windows: For those seeking a blend of traditional aesthetics with modern performance, our Woodhours flush casement windows are the perfect choice.
  • Bygone Sash Windows: Add a touch of elegance and historical charm to your property with our Bygone sash windows, which combine classic design with contemporary functionality.
  • Himley Timber Casement Windows: Experience the natural beauty and warmth of our Himley timber casement windows, crafted for superior performance and durability.
  • Orton Timber Sash Windows: Our Orton timber sash windows are meticulously designed to add character and value to your home, offering timeless elegance and efficiency.
  • Steel Look Windows: Achieve a sleek, modern aesthetic with our steel look windows, designed to provide strength, longevity, and a contemporary edge to any property.

Your Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries about Wombourne Windows? Browse through our frequently asked questions to find detailed insights and helpful information, ensuring you make an informed decision for your home.

What are uPVC double glazed windows and what benefits do they have?

uPVC double glazed windows are designed with two panes of glass set apart by a gap, sealed within frames made from Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC), a durable and maintenance-free material. The space between the glass panes is typically filled with air or an inert gas like argon, enhancing the window’s thermal insulation and means they have noise cancelation properties.

This construction not only improves the thermal efficiency of homes, leading to lower energy bills, but also increases soundproofing, providing a quieter indoor environment. Additionally, uPVC frames offer excellent security features, are resistant to weathering, and do not warp, rot, or fade, making uPVC double glazed windows a practical choice for enhancing home comfort and sustainability.

Yes – Wombourne Windows can arrange a variety of affordable and convenient finance options to suit you and your budget – making your double glazing windows more affordable. Making an application is simple and we promise you a quick decision, normally within 24 hours.

Every job is different! New properties are normally quicker and easier installations than older properties, and it very much depends upon how many windows we are installing. Usually, a full house of windows can take 3-4 days to install.

Sometimes our finance company will say ‘yes’ almost immediately and on other occasions it may take them a few days. This short delay can be for any number of reasons and you should not be unduly concerned.

Wombourne Windows are members of FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) Registered No. 10753. FENSA has been set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies with Government encouragement in response to the current Building Regulations for England and Wales. When having windows and doors replaced homeowners must comply with current thermal performance standards and ensure that they get a certificate of compliance from FENSA or from Local Authority Building Control. FENSA also enables companies that install replacement windows and doors to self-certify compliance under these Building Regulations.

All our windows are guaranteed for 10 years. Our premium ‘A’ rated windows are guaranteed for 20 years.

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