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10 Window Treatment Trends for Spring

February 2, 2016

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into what kind of windows you want for your home but now you’d like to make them integrate into your home – fit them in with your interiors.  Since the seasons are changing and a spring clean and spruce is on the way, in this post, we’ll be giving you some on trend window treatments to inspire and motivate you.

Window Treatment Trend: Minimalistic

Simple says it best and this window treatment trend are for big, dramatic windows that don’t need any introductions.  No curtains or blinds necessary. They let the windows do the talking.

Usually the minimalistic trend includes white washed walls, clean linen, unfussy interiors and maybe just a splash of intense colour through a vase of flowers. Either way, the window is the focal point.

Window Treatment Trend: Statement maker

Sometimes you have to make a statement and you can do this by choosing one block color and in this window treatment trend, long blue heavy curtains.

Moody blue curtains give a dramatic window treatment and are ideal for big rooms which are bursting full of light.

Window Treatment Trend: Simple shutters

Shutters are ideal for conservatories and are a good choice should you want privacy. They all give a tropical feel to the room. For a no fuss and clean look, white shutters are this window treatment trend.

Window Treatment Trend: Neutrals

For those wanting a calm atmosphere -neutral is the answer. Dressing the window in a light soft fabric and allowing the light to stream in whilst you take in the view.

Neutrals don’t have to be considered too simple. Try adding some sort of pattern within your curtain to make it stand out a little. The idea of this window treatment trend is to let the view do all of the work.

Window Treatment Trend: Tassel Tieback

Last but not least. Statement tassels can really add glitz and glamour to your window treatment. This time it’s not all about your curtains. In fact for better results, choose curtains that are simple, perhaps one light colour and combine with a contrasting tie back for effect.

We hope we’ve inspired you with lots of window treatment trends! Remember, windows are for life so treat them well.

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