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Conservatory Buying Guide Overview

Make the Most of Your Space With Our Conservatory Range

Many people get stressed at the thought of adding a conservatory to their home. We can easily understand their concerns as it’s vitally important that you get the perfect conservatory as once they’re installed there’s no going back.

But at Wombourne Windows we would never allow a customer to make the wrong choices as we’re highly experienced when it comes to sourcing a design that outshines its predecessor in every way. Tell us what you want and we’ll provide the answer.

A Palette of Possibilities

Colour Finishes: Personalise Your Conservatory

Elevate the beauty of your conservatory with our extensive range of authentic colour finishes, designed to complement and enhance every aspect of your space.

Wide Range of Colour Options

From classic cream to bold black, our array of colour options including whitegrain, green, grey, golden oak ensures there's a perfect hue to match your style and make a statement with your conservatory.

Natural Woodgrain Textures

Our coloured frames feature a natural woodgrain texture, offering the traditional appearance of stained timber with the benefits of high security and low maintenance of UPVC.

Custom Colour Coating

Beyond the standard range, we offer custom colour matching to create the exact shade you desire. Our special paint bonds perfectly to UPVC, forming a durable, weatherproof coating that stays vibrant for years without needing re-painting.

Clarity with Character

Glazing Designs: Enhancing Your Conservatory's Appeal

Choose from a range of glass designs to add a unique touch to your conservatory, from clear glass to exclusive bevelled, coloured, and leaded options that create stunning visual effects and depth.

Bevelled Glass Designs

Our bevelled glass options offer an elegant and sophisticated look, providing an incredible depth and style that enriches the appearance of your conservatory.

Coloured Glass Varieties

Add a subtle or bold statement with our coloured glass, available in various shades to match or contrast your conservatory's design, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Traditional & Modern Lead Patterns

Choose from traditional diamond or Georgian leaded patterns to contemporary designs, perfect for adding a personal touch and enhancing the visual interest of your conservatory.

Shapes to Suit Every Style

Conservatory Shape Options: Tailored to Your Home

Whether you desire a classic T-Shape, a versatile P-Shape, or a completely custom design, our range of conservatory shapes is designed to meet your specific needs and architectural preferences.

T-Shape Conservatories

The T-Shape combines styles like Victorian, Gable, or Georgian in its central projection, offering a spacious and versatile layout that's ideal for larger homes.

P-Shape Conservatories

Perfect for expansive properties, the P-Shape merges Lean-To and Victorian designs for a visually stunning and spacious conservatory, suitable for multiple uses.

Custom Designs

Have a unique vision? Our custom design service allows you to bring your one-of-a-kind conservatory idea to life, combining our expertise with your dream to create a truly exceptional space.

Commitment to Quality

Our Guarantee: Assurance for Years to Come

With over 30 years of experience in designing and installing conservatories, we offer a 20-year guarantee on our products, reflecting our confidence in their quality and durability.

Two Decades of Confidence

We stand behind our products with a 20-year guarantee, ensuring you enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is protected for the long term.

Adherence to Industry Standards

Our products comply with FENSA and other relevant industry bodies, guaranteeing that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Ongoing Customer Support

Beyond the installation, our commitment to you continues. Our customer service team is always available to provide support and ensure your satisfaction for years after your conservatory is completed.

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Showcasing a huge range of windows and doors, you’re bound to find inspiration for your home. 

Need help? We have a team of experts at hand that will happily discuss your project and guide you.

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