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3 Fantastic Front Door Entrance Ideas

March 8, 2016

A front door is one the first things that you notice about a home. If you’re front door is well kept then good on you, you obviously value the money you invested into your front door.  So now’s the time to make it look even more stylish and adding some finishing touches to make it oh so perfect.

  1. It’s all about the lighting

Lighting can have a lovely effect on your front door’s entrance but it’s essential that it’s the right type of lighting. The ideal lighting should illuminate your property softly. Position it just over the door, pointing down. This will light up your door number make it easy for people to deliver to the right address if it’s an evening delivery.

  1. Out of sight out of mind

There’s nothing more ghastly than looking at bins outside of your front door. A front door’s entrance should be clean and spacious. Bins and other household items to chuck should be stored around the back or side of the house where it’s less noticeable.

  1. Add plant life

Potted trees or flower pots can add a vibrant touch to your front door’s entrance. Just make sure plants are looked after and are not left to overgrow or rot. As this can distract the attention of the front door and give a untidy impression.

  1. Create a path

The lead up to your entrance can also be important as it’s what entices people in. If you’re going to create a path, keep it simple. Whether that’s neutral stones for your driveway. Cobbles for your country cottages or slate grey tiles for your modern looking house.
  1. Give your front door some colour

Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour on your front door to create a grand entrance. The most common colours are white, black, brown, black and blue. However choosing something softer for a traditional country cottage look or something brighter for a more modernistic approach. Either way, don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow!

We hope to have helped create a long lasting impression when it comes to your front door’s entrance.  Remember if you want your door to be the main attraction then everything outside should be minimal, clean and tidy looking. Simple says it best so keep decor minimal.

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