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5 Fun Things for The Easter Holidays in Your Orangery

March 16, 2016

With Easter approaching, there’s an array of things to do with your family but if you’re on a budget then going out can be rather costly. Since you’ve got a beautiful orangery, easter is the time to make the most out of it. In this post, we’ve come up with some fun things to do in your orangery with the whole family.

  1. Crafting in your orangery

Many people have a large table in their orangery and you can make the most of it by having a craft session.  Perhaps put some protective sheeting on the floor and have some painting fun. It keeps the children quiet! Make the most of your orangery space by getting the glitter glues out and crafting Easter away.

To inspire you, we’ve found 22 craft activities for you to try this Easter.

  1. Baking in your orangery

If you don’t like your children being in the kitchen, use your orangery space to set up a mini kitchen so that the kids can pretend to be a masterchef.  Cook up a storm this Easter in your orangery.

To fuel  your bake off how about these rice krispie nests:

  1. Playing in your orangery

Everyone knows play time is the best time. Get out the board games and throw caution to the wind in your orangery.  Or how about something themed? This pin the tail on the Easter bunny looks fun.

  1. Dinner parties in your orangery

Everyone loves a good hearty meal at easter in the comfort of their orangery. Get your favourite foods and your favourite family members and dine in your beautiful warm orangery. .

Do you need some inspiration for easter themed foods?

  1. Easter egg hunt in your orangery

Nothing says easter like a good old fashioned easter egg hunt.   Use the nucks and crannies of your orangery for example bookcases and shelves to hide the easter eggs in.

Here’s a cool check list for a fun easter egg hunt:

There you have 5 Easter activities to do in the comfort of your own orangery – have fun and a Happy Easter to you all!

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