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5 Signs you need new double glazed windows

February 25, 2016

Many homeowners put off getting new double glazed windows because of the cost to them. However what they don’t realise is that it’s costing them more in the long run. Homeowners should see getting double glazing as an investment especially when it comes to selling in the future. Double glazing is now seen mostly as a necessity not a luxury. So how do you know you need new windows? Read on to see if any or all apply to you and if so, it could be time for new double glazed windows!

  1. Feeling the draft

Sometimes it’s not that obvious. You can be sitting by a window and suddenly feel a slight chill.  Usually this is the first sign that your windows need replacing.

  1. Turning the heating on more

Are you feeling colder and are finding yourself putting the heating on more often for longer periods of time than usual? Suddenly your draft just got a little worse and now there’s more cold air coming in and warm air going out.

  1. High energy bills

Have you just got a bill for a larger amount than usual? Escaped heat means you’re heating is over working over time just like your wallet will be.

  1. Creaky windows

Rattling and creaky window frames from opening and closing can be a sign of needing to replace the window.

  1. Mould and rotting

This can occur in old wooden frames and will only get worse until eventually your window will be eaten away by the mould and the glass will fall out of its casing.

  1. Noise alert

Can you hear what you’re next door neighbours are saying or the dog barking? Your windows are not working any more – it’s their job to keep sound out.

The benefits of new double glazing

  1. A warm environment

No more jumpers or scarfs whilst indoors. Relax in the comfort of your own home feeling nice and snug.

  1. Lower energy bills

Not only will the heating in your house be stored more efficiently but it’ll be kept for longer so you won’t have to pay high energy bills.

  1. Presentable windows

uPVC double glazing are an easy to maintain window. They’re easy to clean and keep clean, the don’t creak when you open them and they’ll last a long time providing you look after them which will make your home look presentable.

  1. Oh so quiet

Keep any noise outside away from your indoors – double glazing keep the sound out, making your home a relaxing place to be!

  1. Increased value

Double glazing like a conservator or an extra bedroom can add value onto your property meaning if you do decided to sell in the future, you’ll get more for your pound.

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