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A Window to the Mind

June 19, 2020

A look into the psychological health benefits of natural light.
Depression is often depicted in the media as someone hidden away in a dark room for days on end, curtains closed and lack of daylight exposure. Whilst this is a broad reductionist media representation, there is more truth to this scene than we are aware of. Did you know a dim room without any windows to let sunlight in can negatively affect your brain? This blog post will go over the many ways that an open, well-lit window can improve your psychological health.

Increased Productivity

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Windows increase productivity in almost every definition of the word. In a work or educational environment, multiple studies have shown that workers Or students are more happy and productive when there are windows in the office. Natural light sparks energy and positivity, and causes workers to have improved mental clarity and problem solving skills. When a workplace is closed off from windows or has darker lighting, employees perform more poorly.  A study conducted by Heschong Mahone Groupshowed that students in rooms with windows scored higher on exams than those in rooms with only artificial light. 

Decreased Depression

Sunlight has two benefits that help you fight depression: it boosts vitamin D in your body, and it helps your body release more serotonin. Vitamin D is a type of hormone linked to your body’s “feel-good” hormones, and serotonin is one of those “feel-good” hormones that boosts your mood. 

Improved Sleep

Your sleep cycle, or circadian cycle, is what makes you wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. If this gets messed up, you will experience sleep problems related to insomnia, oversleeping, or fatigue. Your windows can help! Not only does being exposed to the morning light improve your mood for the day, but it also lets your body know when it’s time to wake up. After the sun goes down, your brain is triggered into producing melatonin, which is the chemical that makes you sleepy. The natural cycle of the day regulates our cycle of sleep, meaning that our bodies are biologically attuned to the rising and setting of the sun.

So, where do we come in?

Wombourne Windows can help increase the natural light in your home. New windows are an obvious one to increasing natural light but also adding bifold doors is a brilliant way to make a space brighter and much more connected to the outdoors. Adding a conservatory or orangery is also a great way to create a light and airy space for relaxation and recreation in your home. Give us a call today or visit the contact us section of our website for some non pressured advice.

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