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Gable End Conservatories IN SHREWSBURY

Gable End Conservatories that Bring a Touch of Elegance

Discover the grandeur of Gable End Conservatories, a stylish blend of modern design and spacious luxury, perfect for adding a distinctive elegance to your home.


Gable End Conservatories: A Symphony of Light and Style

Our Gable End Conservatories are a popular choice in the West Midlands. They have a modern design and practical features. These conservatories are usually square or rectangular. They have an impressive front elevation that brings in light and makes your home feel more spacious. They incorporate a high-quality roof system with varying roof pitches, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The conservatories have double-glazed windows. This makes them stylish and energy efficient. The double glazing also helps to keep the space warm in winter and cool in summer.

These are just some of the reasons why Gable End conservatories are becoming increasingly popular design choice for our customers looking for a Georgian style conservatory.

Contemporary Appeal

Our Gable End Conservatories are designed to infuse a modern aesthetic into your property. Their sleek lines and bold design make a contemporary architectural statement, enhancing the overall appeal of your home.

Popular & Imposing Design

Gaining popularity across the West Midlands, these conservatories feature an imposing front elevation. This distinctive design not only adds character to your home but also creates an inviting sense of openness and space.

Abundance of Light & Space

The unique structure of the Gable End allows for an extraordinary amount of natural light, giving your conservatory a bright and airy feel. The high-pitched roof creates an illusion of extra space, making it a perfect haven for relaxation or entertainment.

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If you are not sure if you will need planning permission or not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From our initial consultation we will handle everything from planning permission to design and building control giving you hassle-free peace of mind.

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A Spectrum of Sophistication

What is a Gable End Conservatory?

Gable End Conservatories are a type of home extension with a triangular gable front, often chosen for homes with older or period styles. They have a unique roof, usually sloped, allowing lots of natural light inside. This style of conservatory can include a glass roof and large windows, both double-glazed for keeping the space warm and energy efficient. Some have extra brickwork or a shorter wall, known as a dwarf wall, for more privacy and sturdiness.

This conservatory style, combining classic design with contemporary elements, offers an expansive and elegant space, ideal for enhancing your home with both style and functionality.

Experience the Elegance and Practicality of Gable End Conservatories.

Why Choose a Gable End Conservatory?

Architectural Beauty Meets Modern Functionality: Gable End conservatories stand out with their unique triangular front, echoing classical Georgian style. This feature makes your home look better and fits in with modern design for a classic appearance.

Spacious and Light-Filled Environment: Thanks to their high-pitched roof and the option for a glass roof, Gable End conservatories create a bright and open space. The structure allows for maximum natural light, giving your home a more expansive and inviting atmosphere.

Customisable to Suit Your Home: Gable End conservatories offer flexibility in design, allowing you to choose from various roof pitches, windows, and doors. Whether you prefer additional brickwork or a dwarf wall, you can tailor it to match the style and character of your home.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort: Incorporating features like double-glazed windows and thermally efficient materials, these conservatories are designed to be energy-efficient. This means they stay warm in winter and cool in summer, providing comfort all year round.

Enhances Home Value: Adding a Gable End conservatory is not just about appearance; it’s also a practical investment. This style of conservatory can significantly boost the value of your property, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers.

A Spectrum of Sophistication

Colour Finishes

Our Gable End Conservatories come in an extensive range of styles and colour options, ensuring we have the perfect match for every preference. Selecting a colour that complements your home’s surroundings can enhance its aesthetic appeal and create a harmonious look. On the other hand, opting for a contrasting colour can make your property distinct and eye-catching, setting it apart in your neighbourhood.

Elevate Your Conservatory's Roof

Roofing Options

Transform your conservatory into a masterpiece with our range of roofing options. Each element is designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your conservatory, ensuring it is as beautiful as it is practical.

The Finishing Touch

Crestings and Finials

The finishing touches to your uPVC conservatory can make all the difference and Wombourne Windows has now increased its range of appealing, traditional style cresting and finials that will grace and add individuality to your conservatory.

You can combine any cresting with any finial* to suit your conservatory. The selection is wide and the choice is yours.

Pikestaff and Renaissance cresting can only be combined with each other.

Clarity & Comfort Above

Signature Glass Roofing

These provide incredible benefits including year-round comfort, self-cleaning properties, reduction in energy bills and beautiful visual options to suit any property style. Our Signature range includes Aqua, Neutral,-Satin Privacy conservatory glass roof options.

Our self-cleaning products have been certified to EN 1096-5, the new European Standard for self-cleaning glass. The new standard tests and classifies the performance of products that use hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties to enhance glass cleanliness. EN 1096-5 certification will enable specifiers to differentiate between products with an official self-cleaning performance, and those without.

These exciting new conservatory glass products now enable anyone to personalize their new or existing conservatory with stunning high-performance glass, making it a place of complete comfort and relaxation.

Choosing the right high-performance conservatory roof glass for any conservatory installation is the most important element to ensuring that a conservatory can be used all year round.

There are many things to consider including location, temperature control, maintenance, aesthetics and durability.

Our Signature range has been developed with world-leading glass manufacturers to ensure that there is a broad choice of specialist glasses available to cater for all tastes.

Your Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries about Wombourne Windows? Browse through our frequently asked questions to find detailed insights and helpful information, ensuring you make an informed decision for your home.

Do you offer finance to help me pay for my conservatory?

Yes – Wombourne Windows can arrange a variety of affordable and convenient finance options to suit you and your budget – making your purchase more affordable. Making an application is simple and we promise you a quick decision, normally within 24 hours.

Every job is different! New properties are normally quicker and easier installations than older properties, and it very much depends upon how many windows and doors we are installing. Usually, a full house of windows can take 3-4 days to install.

Sometimes our finance company will say ‘yes’ almost immediately and on other occasions it may take them a few days. This short delay can be for any number of reasons and you should not be unduly concerned.

Wombourne Windows are members of FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) Registered No. 10753. FENSA has been set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies with Government encouragement in response to the current Building Regulations for England and Wales. When having windows and doors replaced homeowners must comply with current thermal performance standards and ensure that they get a certificate of compliance from FENSA or from Local Authority Building Control. FENSA also enables companies that install replacement windows and doors to self-certify compliance under these Building Regulations.

Client Testimonials

Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis
In dealing with the Company for a replacement glass roof for our conservatory we visited Wombourne Window and certainly was not disappointed. The advice provided was both intelligent and very pertinent to what we were wanting. After placing the order we received a complete breakdown of the work to be undertaken with dates etc. All went according to plan and every aspect from the admin team to the fitters were exceptionally professional in every way. Both my wife and I are very pleased with their work and would certainly recommend them .
Oliwia Dynarska
Oliwia Dynarska
The knowledge of product was excellent , i recently had my front door fitted by Wombourne Windows , I would definitely recommend using them, also i will be using them for my future home improvements
calum jones
calum jones
I had my back door done by this company and the rep that came round to survey my property was very professional knowledgeable and informative I would highly recommend top standard service from beginning to end
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson
From the initial consultation by Mark to the installation I could not fault-the fitters were excellent,polite and courteous and did a brilliant job. I was very nervous as I had taken considerable time to decide who to use after several quotes and while not the cheapest I felt comfortable with the the company and the whole experience could not have gone better. I am very pleased and thank Wombourne Windows for their professionalism and communication.
Rob James
Rob James
Best Windows and best service Paul Benion is a fantastic guy.
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