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How to Care for UPVC windows

February 22, 2016

Nothing says a clean home like sparkling uPVC windows but it’s quite a challenge to keep them clean especially when you’ve cobwebs, bird droppings, smeared creepy crawlies, muddy rain, children’s fingerprints and so on. Keeping your windows clean inside and outside is a challenge but it can be done.

Infact, uPVC windows are a popular choice of windows nowadays and one of those reasons is because they’re pretty easy to maintain.

In this article we’ll give you an easy but effective tips on how to care for your uPVC windows.

First things first, any cleaning of the frames and glass should be done with non abrasive materials or liquids. The shiny plastic of a uPVC window is delicate and it can be scratched. So think soft cloths and specifically formulated window cleaners for uPVC windows.

The Simple and Old Fashioned Way of Cleaning uPVC windows

There’s always an old wive’s tail that’s bound to work and in this case vinegar is the magic ingredient!

Simply mix:

1 parts vinegar to 4 parts of hot water

Pour into a spray bottle and spray generously on to the windows and leave to settle for a few minutes or so. This allows the vinegar to work its magic. Then with a soft andwet cloth, wipe away any dirt.  Wipe over again with a clean cloth to take away any smears or excess dirt.

This method can also be used with warm soapy water.

Tips for a thorough cleaning

  1. There’s always places which you can’t clean properly without a good hoovering! Therefore open the windows and hoover the nooks and crannies to rid of any dust, dead flies and general grime.
  2. Newspaper helps to get rid of smears and that ‘misty effect’. Generally though kitchen roll, a clean rag or a tea towel works fine.
  3. Clean windows twice – first to get rid of deep dirt and then again to go over anything you’ve missed, taking extra time to remove smears.

How often should you clean uPVC Windows?

It generally depends on a few things: time, effort, how house proud you are and whether or not your windows get greatly dirty often.

Generally, 1-2 times a month  should suffice but it’s certainly not wise to let dirt build up over a long time as it can damage your uPVC windows eventually. Cleaning them often won’t hurt them as long as you use the appropriate materials and liquids on them like mentioned above.

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