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Al- Elegance Aluminium Windows

Sleek Sophistication

The Al-Elegance Collection offers exceptional steel look architectural glazing solutions, meticulously designed to transform your living space into something truly extraordinary..

Aluminium Window FEATURES

Discover the Al-Elegance Difference

The Al-Elegance Aluminium Windows Collection is more than just a window solution; it’s a lifestyle upgrade, blending cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality to enhance your living space.

Robust Design and Maximum Light

Our windows boast fully crimped and glued corner joints for unmatched strength and weather sealing. The very slim sight lines not only enhance structural integrity but also maximise glass area, flooding your space with natural light.

Durable and Aesthetic Finishes

Finished with high-quality, powder-coated paint, our windows resist wear and tear while offering a sleek look. Available in a variety of finishes, they bring both durability and elegance to your property.

Advanced Thermal Efficiency & Security

Each window features thermally broken profiles for enhanced energy performance, keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient. Coupled with our specially designed multi-point locking systems, they offer unrivalled security and peace of mind.

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Elevate Your Living

Designing Spaces to Enhance Your Home

Wombourne Windows takes pride in crafting spaces that embody luxury and precision. Renowned for our meticulous attention to detail and unmatched British craftsmanship, we specialise in iconic steel effect windows that transform both interior and exterior spaces. The Al-Elegance Collection offers a vast array of colour and finish choices, complemented by an exquisite selection of both traditional and contemporary furniture and ironmongery. Each element is carefully curated to enhance and harmonise with the unique character of your home, elevating everyday living to an art form.

Redefining Interior Elegance

Creating Lasting Impressions Through Interior Design

At the heart of the Al-Elegance Collection is an unwavering commitment to meticulous detail. Our superior windows are crafted not just for functionality but to enhance the aesthetics of your space. With slim, equal glass sightlines, they maximise the glass area, providing a sleek, uniform appearance. The versatility of our range extends to colour options, enabling perfect synchrony with your existing decor. Choose from dual colour finishes for distinct interior and exterior styles and select from a variety of handle designs to complement every room. Each Al-Elegance product is customisable to your unique preferences, ensuring that your home makes a lasting impression through its refined interior design.

Your Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries about Wombourne Windows? Browse through our frequently asked questions to find detailed insights and helpful information, ensuring you make an informed decision for your home.

Do you offer finance to help me pay for double glazing?

Yes – Wombourne Windows can arrange a variety of affordable and convenient finance options to suit you and your budget – making your double glazing windows more affordable. Making an application is simple and we promise you a quick decision, normally within 24 hours.

Every job is different! New properties are normally quicker and easier installations than older properties, and it very much depends upon how many windows we are installing. Usually, a full house of windows can take 3-4 days to install.

Sometimes our finance company will say ‘yes’ almost immediately and on other occasions it may take them a few days. This short delay can be for any number of reasons and you should not be unduly concerned.

Wombourne Windows are members of FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) Registered No. 10753. FENSA has been set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies with Government encouragement in response to the current Building Regulations for England and Wales. When having windows and doors replaced homeowners must comply with current thermal performance standards and ensure that they get a certificate of compliance from FENSA or from Local Authority Building Control. FENSA also enables companies that install replacement windows and doors to self-certify compliance under these Building Regulations.

All our windows are guaranteed for 20 years. Our premium ‘A’ rated windows are guaranteed for 20 years.

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Showcasing a huge range of windows and doors, you’re bound to find inspiration for your home. 

Need help? We have a team of experts at hand that will happily discuss your project and guide you.

Begin Your Home Transformation
Ready to Elevate Your Space?

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