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10 ways to use a Conservatory!

March 11, 2020

Lots of people assume that a conservatory is only to be used as a lounge/ sunroom, filled with wicker furniture and only appreciated during the warmer months. But a conservatory is such a versatile extension and we have come up with 10 fabulous ways to make use of that extra space!

A conservatory can be an extra room to be used in so many different ways depending on your needs and wants at that moment in time! A transitional space that can fulfil different purposes all year round!

let’s take a look at our top 10 uses:

Number 1: Dining Room

Perhaps one of the most common uses for a conservatory is to use it as a dining room. If your house is lacking a dining room then they can be a perfect extension for wining and dining friends and family in a light and airy space.

2) Living Room

Our next most common idea is to use your Conservatory as an extended open plan living space. A room for relaxation and comfort whilst enjoying that indoor outdoor feel. The interior can be as adventurous and modern as you like, you don’t need to stick to the classic Wicker chairs.

3) Home Library/ Study Room

Having a separate space to study and read is definitely a luxury. A place for imagination and creation. This room is ideal for people at school or university or for someone completing home study.

4) Home Entertainment Space!

This ones for all our party people! Why not create a space will a sole purpose for entertainment! A home bar? Cocktail lounge? Sounds appealing right? A place for social gatherings and hosting friends.

5) Conservatory Kitchen extension

One of the most current home trends at the moment is an open plan kitchen. You need not move house or lose space in your current house to achieve this! A conservatory extension is a wonderful and effective option!

6) Conservatory Home Gym!

An option that most people haven’t considered is a home gym! If you’re someone who is keen on health and fitness but doesn’t enjoy spending money on a monthly membership, or hates the pressure of walking into a busy gym, or simply hasn’t got the time to go. A home gym could be a perfect option for you!

7) Play Room

Turning a conservatory into a playroom is a clever way to keep the clutter in one space and create a place for fun activities and imagination! A place for the children to play in an indoor outdoor setting, keeping mess In one room at the same time!

8) Home Spa/ Relaxation room!

For people with a busy and hectic life, it’s important to create a space of peace and tranquility at home. A place to relax and unwind. You can do this in your conservatory by adding comfy seating, use relaxing neutral tones in the decor, add a blanket basket, some scented candles, a mood light and a radio to play some relaxing music. Or if you’re really extra, why not add a hot tub? Yes a hot tub! To really feel like you’re at a spa!

9) Conservatory Guest Room.

Another use that is often unthought of is to have a guest room down stairs in a conservatory! A perfect use for people who often have friends or family stay and don’t want to stick people on the sofa! You can use a pull out sofa bed to use this room as a multipurpose living/ guest room or just kit it out as a bedroom to make space for an extending family!

10) Home Business

Wanting to set up a business but scared by the expensive overhead and business rent costs? Why not set up from home? A conservatory extension can give you the perfect space to do this! Whether you’re a beautician, florist, dog groomer, Recruitment officer, wedding planner, etc. Setting up a business from home can be a cost effective way to get started!

Feeling inspired and interested in adding a conservatory extension to your home? Click the link below to browse our conservatory selection. Alternatively, give us a call or pop into our showroom for some friendly non pressured advice!

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