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5 Reasons To Invest in Sliding Sash Windows

September 29, 2023

In this article, we will look at the advantages of sliding sash windows and why they are ideal for your home.

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your home, it’s important to make an informed decision. While there are other options available, sliding sash windows stand out as a superior choice for a variety of reasons.

What Are Sliding Sash Windows?

Timber sash windows can bring a unique look to a home with their distinctive features and period authenticity. They are the perfect choice for people that are looking to renovate their, or for listed homes within a conservation area where you want the house to blend into the neighbouring properties.

PVC Bygone Sash Windows
PVC Bygone Sash Windows

What Does ‘Sash’ Mean?

A sash is a single frame that holds the glazing in place; when sash windows are constructed, they have two movable sashes, one sitting in front of the other. This window has weights suspended on cords that balance both sashes. This ingenious system allows the timber window to be opened from the top, bottom, or both at once.

Should I Have a Box or Spring Mechanism?

Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows are traditionally used in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties. They are chosen by customers for a wide range of reasons such as:

  • Their elegant design and timeless appearance;
  • The sashes can usually be opened from the top and bottom, providing a variety of ventilation possibilities;
  • They provide excellent insulation and may to improve the energy efficiency of older buildings;
  • They are normally preferred for restoration projects because they retain the original design’s character and charm;
  • This is a popular choice for both PVC (Bygone range) and timber windows.

Spring Balanced Sash Windows

Spring balanced windows offer a modern alternative to traditional windows. They are chosen by customers for numerous reasons including:

  • Modern alternative to a bosh sash window;
  • They use a spring-loaded mechanism rather than a traditional pulley system of chords and weights;
  • Their design allows for smoother and easier operation of the window;
  • They provide excellent insulation for properties and can improve energy efficiency;
  • This is a popular choice for timber windows.
PVC Bygone Sash Windows
PVC Bygone Sash Windows

What Are the Benefits of a Sliding Sash Window?

1. Fantastic Ventilation

Sliding sash windows can provide a variety of practical advantages that contribute to better ventilation. Because of the unique design of these windows, you have excellent control over airflow, making it simple to create natural airflow in your home.

You can effectively regulate airflow by opening both the top and bottom sashes of a sliding sash window. Fresh air can enter the room from the bottom, while hot air can escape through the top. This natural airflow helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, especially during warmer months or in stuffy rooms.

2. Easy to Clean

Sliding sash windows are designed to be simple to maintain. They often have a tilt-in feature that allows you to clean the exterior glass from the inside of your home. This eliminates the need for ladders or outside access, making window cleaning a breeze.

3. Energy-Efficient

Sliding sash windows can help you save energy in your home. Many modern sash windows at Wombourne Windows have the option to have double or triple glazing, which improves insulation and decreases heat loss. This helps you to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer; reducing your energy consumption and utility bills.

4. Increased Property Value

Installing sliding sash windows can increase the value of your home – especially in a conservation area or in a listed home. Potential buyers value sliding sash windows because of their timeless appeal and practical benefits.

5. Timeless Style

Sliding sash windows enhance the visual appeal of your home. Their classic design and sophisticated look ensure they will be fashionable for many years to come; a timelessness that complements both traditional and contemporary architectural builds.

At Wombourne Windows, we install this type of window in both timber and uPVC; allowing you to customise your windows to match your desired style and colour scheme.

PVC Bygone Sash Windows
PVC Bygone Sash Windows

Wombourne Windows: Your Trusted Sliding-Sash Windows Installer

At Wombourne Windows, we have been helping people to renovate their homes since 1982. In these 43 years of service, our unwavering dedication to quality has made us the trusted choice for homeowners in. Our team take pride in being sliding-sash window installation experts, bringing timeless elegance and energy efficiency to every project.

Please contact our team to arrange a quote and begin your journey to a more beautiful and efficient home.

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