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5 ways to Beautify your Bay window

March 11, 2020

Bay windows are a beautiful way to create a little extra space in your home. If you know how you can really make the most of that small space and turn it into something beautiful! So here are wombourne windows 5 suggestions to beautify your bay window!


One way to make a feature out of your bay window is to use it as a seating area. You can have a built in seating bench for a flush and space maximising seat or you can use the cove to place two beautiful arm chairs and a small coffee table for a stylish seating area.


Why not use the space to create a dining space. Ideal for homes that haven’t got a dining room and don’t want a table stuck in the middle of their living room. A cosy and contemporary feature.


If your bay window is in your bathroom then why not maximise your bathroom space by putting the bath in the bay. You could have it built in for a modern feature or use a free standing bath in the cove for that glam look.


Bay windows are a great way to integrate more storage into your home. Whether you need more storage for books or even a place for your pooch! A bay window can create the perfect space for storing what ever your heart desires.

Dressing Table

If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in your bedroom, why not use that space to integrate a dressing table. After all the natural light is perfect when applying makeup!

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